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Olympus BF-P190 Slim Video Bronchoscope

The slim BF-P190 videobronchoscope allows access to the distant lung. It is compatible with a radial EBUS probe and the GuideSheath procedure. BF-P190 also features the unique "rotation function."




EVIS EXERA III BF-P190 Slim Video Bronchoscope

Slim 4.2 mm Bronchoscope for Better Access to the Lung Periphery.



Main Features

Slim-design Videoscope
Newly developed CCD on the tip realizes drastically improved image quality while maintaining aslim diameter and a 2.0 mm instrument channel.

Slim-design Videoscope


NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)
NBI is an optical image enhancement technology that improves the visualisation of vessels on the mucosal surface. NBI is now 50% brighter compared to previous models.

Electronic magnifi cation
Electronic magnification of 1.2× and 1.5× is now possible, allowing closer observation.

Insertion tube rotation function
The insertion tube can be rotated left or right up to 120 degrees by simply turning a ring on the control section of the scope. This supports easier operation and smoother insertion with less operator fatigue.

Wider angulation range

An upward angulation range of 210° supports smoother insertion into the upper-lobe bronchi and allows more of a bend in the scope when an EndoTherapy device is inserted into the endoscope’s working channel.

Waterproof One-touch Connector
A new connector design minimises the effort required for set-up prior to and in between cases. In addition, it is fully submersible without a water-resistant cap and eliminates the associated risk of an expensive repair due to accidental immersion.

Waterproof One-touch Connector

Ergonomic scope cable direction
The angle of direction of the universal cord has been improved so that the scope cable does not hang limp,even if the video system is located behind the bronchoscopist.


Optical system Field of view


Direction of view Forward viewing
Depth of fi eld

2-50 mm

Insertion section Distal end outer diameter 4.2 mm
Insertion tube outer diameter

4.1 mm

Working length 600 mm
Instrument channel Channel inner diameter

2.0 mm

Minimum visible distance 3.0 mm from the distal end
Bending section Angulation range

UP 210°
Down 130°

  Video system center OLYMPUS CV-190
Xenon light source OLYMPUS CLV-190