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KLSmartin Electrosurgery Unit ME MB 3

In terms of ergonomics and handling, the ME MB 3 follows the reliable technology. The output is set via the rotary control and the current types required are selected via the membrane keypad. A high level of patient safety, clear design and a high diversity of possible applications round off the profile. The highlight: different connecting sockets allow the use of existing accessories.



KLS Martin ME MB 3 Electrosurgery Unit

The efficient solution for the OR.

With its ME MB 3, KLS Martin presents an HF surgical unit that utilizes proven technology for the best ergonomics and handling.
Power setting is conveniently done with a rotary pushbutton and a sealed keyboard is in place for easy selection of the different types of current.

A high standard of patient safety, a straightforward design and superior application versatility round off a user-friendly profile.
Yet a special highlight is still to mention, as different connecting sockets are available to ensure that you can continue to use your existing accessories.

ME MB 3 Electrosurgery Unit


KLS Martin electrosurgical unit
The main features

• Display

Power setting constantly under visual control

ME MB 3 Display

• High patient safety thanks to PCS NE monitoring(Patient Control System)

In high-frequency surgery, the thermal effect must be strictly limited to the point of application of the active electrode. In other words, no heat must be allowed to develop underneath the neutral electrode (NE). To ensure this, HF units from KLS Martin are equipped with NE monitoring functions designed to keep the neutral electrode under constant control, blocking monopolar HF energy output as soon as an NE problem occurs due to lack of skin contact. A split neutral electrode is required for this function.
The PCS system, in fact, continuously monitors correct attachment of the NE to the patient’s skin. If the NE detaches in any way, the user is immediately alerted – well before critical situations could arise.

Rubber neutral electrode

• Functional test

Each time the unit is turned on, the KLS Martin ME MB 3 performs a self-test. If an error or malfunction is detected, no acknowledgement signal is emitted and HF current output is automatically blocked. This ensures that the KLS Martin ME MB 3 can be used only under perfect operating conditions.


• Monopolar handle connections

In the “m” version, the KLS Martin ME MB 3 allows you to connect handles with a KLS Martin plug or a US 3-pin plug. The “i” version, in turn,is designed for connection of monopolar handles with Bovie plug or US 3-pin plug.

The KLS Martin HF accessories program offers you a wide selection of handles for various applications. For details, please refer to our special HF Accessories Catalog.


• Progressive power adjustment

This function allows you to adjust the power output precisely to your specific needs when working in the lower power range. This is particularly useful for the hemostatic treatment of delicate vessels, for example. In the upper range, however, the ME MB 3 provides a steadily increasing power output. It is this high “power reserve” that warrants the universal applicability of the KLS Martin ME MB 3.


• Monopolar cutting and coagulation

using the foot switch

The double-pedal foot switch (for cutting/coagulation) can be used for monopolar as well as bipolar operation.


• Bipolar coagulation with the foot switch

The power spectrum of the KLS Martin ME MB 3 is rounded off by the “Bipolar Coagulation” option used in conjunction with the foot switch.
This reliable bipolar coagulation function from KLS Martin allows you to combine high-precision work with large-volume yet safe coagulation.

foot switch

• Bipolar ON/OFF automatic function

Button for bipolar coagulation with automatic start/stop function in manual operation using the handle. With this function, bipolar safety coagulation is automatically performed as soon as the electrodes make tissue contact. The pulse-type follow-up coagulation phase ensures the best possible coagulation result.


• Multifunctional connector for bipolar instruments

This is a bipolar combination socket for active electrodes, allowing you to connect the small coaxial plug (KLS Martin standard) or international accessories from other manufacturers.


KLS Martin electrosurgical unit
Types of current



“m” version, ME MB 3 for KLS Martin accessories “i” version, ME MB 3 for international accessories

“m” version, ME MB 3 for KLS Martin accessories “i” version, ME MB 3 for international accessories


• Monopolar Cut 1(Pure Cut)

for a smooth cut without any eschar formation.
This so-called “pure cut” comes closest to the classic scalpel cut, thus providing the best basis for effective wound healing.


• Monopolar Cut 2(Blend Cut)

for a pure cut with some eschar formation.


• Monopolar Cut 3(Super Blend Cut)

Super Blend is a cutting current with even more eschar formation than Blend Cut. As the wound edges are simultaneously coagulated during the cutting process, bleeding from dissected capillary vessels is stopped at once and extended hemorrhages are prevented.


• ENDO Mode

This is a time-controlled cutting mode offering a fractionated and therefore controlled cut intended for special applications, e.g. for endoscopic papillotomy and endoscopic polypectomy


• Power Peak – the power boost for “cutting under water”

This function provides an increased HF power level to facilitate starting the cut. It is intended for use in urology/gynecology (cutting in liquid environments*)

*Activation only by foot switch


• Monopolar Contact Coagulation

Coagulation current with depth effect (electrode in direct contact with the tissue)


• Forced Prep

Forced coagulation current enabling fast coagulation. An ideal current for dissecting tasks because it provides effective cutting capability despite its dominant coagulation feature.


• Monopolar Spray Coagulation

Coagulation current for surface coagulation(fulguration). It is especially suited for hemostasis during TUR procedures using small-surface electrodes (e.g. loop electrodes).


• Bipolar Coagulation

KLS Martin offers users a wide range of bipolar accessories:
- marCut® instruments
- nonStick-red-forceps
- nonStick-flush-forceps
- marLap instruments

Bipolar Coagulation

ME MB 3 technical data

Power requirements

220–240 V, 50–60 Hz; or 100–127 V, 50–60 Hz(adjustable by Technical Service via plug-in jumper inside unit)

Power input without

HF output:

approx. 26 VA


at max. power output:

approx. 800 VA

Protection class


Classification acc. to MDD

II b

Leakage currents

LF and HF in compliance with IEC 601, Part 2-2


CF; defibrillation-proof

Nominal frequency

450 kHz

Modulation frequency

30 kHz



HF output power:

Type of current


Crest factor


Cut 1 (pure)

 max. 400 W at 300 Ω

1.6 at 300 Ω

max. 2,300 Vpp

Cut 2 (blend)

max. 300 W at 300 Ω

1.9 at 300 Ω

max. 2,500 Vpp

Cut 3 (super blend)

max. 200 W at 300 Ω

2.4 at 300 Ω

max. 2,700 Vpp

Forced Prep

max. 120 W at 200 Ω

4.9 at 200 Ω

max. 3,900 Vpp

Endo Mode

max. 100 W at 200 Ω

1.6 at 200 Ω

max. 2,800 Vpp

Contact coagulation

max. 250 W at 200 Ω

 3.4 at 200 Ω

max. 3,200 Vpp

Spray coagulation

max. 120 W at 300 Ω

5.6 at 300 Ω

max. 9,000 Vpp

Bipolar coagulation

max. 100 W at 100 Ω

2.1 at 100 Ω

max. 600 Vpp

Duty type

intermittent 10 s / 30 s = duty factor of 25%

Line fuses

220–240 V: T 4 A (slow-blow)

100–127 V: T 8 A (slow-blow)

Sound level

HF current activation: 40 - 65 dB (adjustable)

Alarm: 65 dB(A)


8.6 kg

Interference suppression

Limits in conformity with EN 55011

Interference immunity in conformity with IEC 801


Width: 405 mm; height: 135 mm; depth: 380 mm


according to 93/42/EEC