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Olympus ESG-150 Electrosurgical Generator

Olympus’ ESG-150 is the latest generation of our standard electrosurgical generator designed to achieve successful results in standard GI and Pulmonary endoscopic procedures with constant voltage regulation technology that modulates power to automatically deliver the lowest effective adjusted power output in monopolar and bipolar applications.




Olympus HF Generator ESG-150

Olympus understands the specific demands of modern electrosurgery, so it knows how important it is to have a safe, dedicated energy source to maintain the precision physicians require in their work.



At the Simple Touch of a Button
A simple, intuitive touch-screen interface means users can easily set up the system to meet their personal needs in just a few steps.



Supports User Level
The user can choose between two user levels:advanced and basic. The advanced level is best for users that want to precisely adjust their HF settings and have maximum control. The basic level is ideal for users that prefer ease of use and the ability to quickly adapt the HF settings required for the procedure.


Offers You Guidance
The smart assistance messaging system provides simple and easily understandable feedback that empowers users to confidently operate and troubleshoot the ESG-150.


Talks Your Language
A choice of 29 display languages means users can understand and operate the system with ease.


Provides Advanced Safety
The power range within the basic user level is limited to a reasonable amount to avoid unintended excessive power output. This results in additional safety for the user and the patient.


Built On Experience
Fast Spark Monitor – measures spark intensity during cutting procedures, automatically adjusting power output to achieve reproducible tissue effects and enhanced protection of EndoTherapy instruments.

High-Power Cut Support – immediate spark ignition enables cutting without initial delays, which means superior cutting performance.

Contact Quality Monitor – analyses contact resistance of the neutral electrode, reducing the risk of thermal injuries to the patient.
Leakage-Protection Sensor – measures and controls leakage current, reducing the risk of unintended harm to the patient or user.


Monopolar HF Modes

Cut Modes

Continuous cutting mode with low coagulation effect


PulseCut Slow/Fast
Intermittent cutting mode which is commonly used for various endoscopic procedures


Coagulation Modes

Slow and deep coagulation – optimal for coagulation of thick blood vessels


Fast and effective coagulation

Olympus ESG-150


High frequency

356 kHz ±20%

Type, protection class

CF, Class I

Power supply

AC 100 V to 120 V/AC – 220 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 650 VA

Size (W × D × H)

 295 × 400 ×115 mm

Weight, without foot switch

6.6 kg

Monopolar output



3-pin plugs: Pin Ø 4 mm (international/Valleylab standard)
1-pin plugs: Pin Ø 8 mm (Bovie standard)
1-pin plugs: Pin Ø 4 mm

Split neutral electrode

10 mm 2-pins

PureCut (Effect 1–3)

120 W @ 500 Ohms

PulseCut slow/fast (Effect 1–5)

120 W @ 500 Ohms

SoftCoag (Effect 1–5)

120 W @ 500 Ohms

ForcedCoag (Effect 1–5)

120 W @ 500 Ohms

Bipolar output



28.8 mm 2-pins and Ø 4/8 mm coaxial

BipolarCut (Effect 1–3)

100 W @ 500 Ohms

BiSoftCoag (Effect 1–3)

 120 W @ 100 Ohms


Ordering Information

Order No.


Patient Weight

Contact Area



Electrosurgical generator “ESG-150”





Neutral Electrode, for newborns, with cable

< 5 kg

40 cm2

15 pcs


Neutral Electrode, for children

5 – 15 kg

70 cm2



Neutral Electrode, for children, with cable

 5 – 15 kg

71 cm2

15 pcs


Neutral Electrode, for adults

> 15 kg

140 cm2

100 pcs


Neutral Electrode, for adults, with cable

 > 15 kg

140 cm2

15 pcs


Neutral Electrode, universal size

> 5 kg

110 cm2

100 pcs


Neutral Electrode, universal size, with cable

> 5 kg

110 cm2

15 pcs


Cable, for neutral electrode





HF-cable “MAJ-860”, monopolar, 2 m,

UES-30, Erbe Intl. and Valleylab (new) HF-unit to SD handle