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OLYMPUS Biological Microscopes CX23

Focused on improving workflow for educational microscopy, the CX23 upright microscope requires minimal setup



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Designed to Improve Educational Microscopy Workflow

Built with students in mind, the CX23 microscope is not only durable but also reliable. It is easy to carry around the classroom because of these design elements:

  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic non-slip carrying grips

Safety features help ensure that the eyepieces, observation tube, objectives, and stage are protected from damage while it is transported or during prolonged and repeated use.

Durable Ergonomic Design


Easy to Carry

The CX23 microscope is one of the lightest among analogous use microscopes*, weighing approximately 5.9 kg (13.01 lb).  The non-slip carrying grips and v-shaped handle enable the user to comfortably and safely carry the microscope. The observation tube and eyepieces are secured to the microscope to limit damage and/or loss while it is being moved.

* As of Sep. 2019, According to Olympus research.

Angled Arm Enables Comfortable Carrying Non-slip Grips

Fixed Eyepieces Prevent Damage or Loss Rackless Stage for Safety and Durability


Observation with Comfort

The CX23 microscope is designed to support comfortable observation. Easily adjust the interpupillary distance and eyepoint height to their own comfort and the left and right diopters for appropriate focus for each eye. The locking pin keeps the observation tube in place while use.

Eyepoint Height Adjustment Interpupillary Adjustment Safety and Smoother Focusing


Comfort Specimen Manipulation

 The CX23 microscope eases specimen handling and the related setting adjustments, owing to its user-oriented design features:

  • Inward-facing rotating nosepiece, enabling easier access to stage, so you can quickly change specimens and easily apply immersion oil if needed
  • Plan achromat objectives with a long working distance, providing better clearance for thick samples and slides
  • Coaxial knobs, which can be easily accessed from either side of the microscope, for quick fine or coarse focusing adjustments

Inward-Facing Revolving Nosepiece Coaxial Knobs


Prevent Microscope/ Specimen Damage

To protect the microscope and specimen, the CX23 is equipped with damage-proofing mechanisms:

  • The focus lock helps prevent the objectives from damaging the specimen. 
  • The torque release function protects the coarse focusing knob and stage knob against excess force.

Prevent Microscope/ Specimen Damage


Easy Storage

Storing your CX23 microscope is facilitated by these practical features:

  • Storage compartment located on the back of the microscope for stowing the power cable and AC adaptor 
  • Built-in security slot for attaching an anti-theft cable

AC adapter compartment and buit-in security slot Cable Storage Compartment


Improve Your Training Efficiency With a Digital Camera

Share what you are viewing on the CX23 microscope with your classroom/audience, using a digital camera. The trinocular observation tube of the CX23 can be equipped with a digital camera for easy image capturing and recording.

Improve Your Training Efficiency With a Digital Camera


Basic Training with Köhler Illumination

The CX23 microscope can be equipped with a field stop diaphragm (CX23-FS). Enabling the user to perform and teach Köhler illumination, CX23 supports the basic training for microscopy.

Basic Training for Köhler Illumination


Heads-Up Display for Easy Collaboration

Easily share and display images within your classroom using the wireless LAN-enabled EP50 digital camera. Combine this camera with our CX series student microscopes to transform your classroom into a digital one. The heads-up display enables easy viewing in a group setting. Everyone can see the observed specimen in real-time without having to take turns viewing through the oculars.

* Third-party products may not be available in some countries.

Heads-Up Display for Easy Collaboration

Observation Method Brightfield
Illuminator Transmitted Illuminator LED Lamp

Focus Focusing Mechanism Stage Focus
Coarse Handle Stroke

15 mm


Coarse adjustment limit stopper
Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knob

Field Diaphragm Binocular (Option: CX23-FS)
Revolving Nosepiece Manual Standard (4 positions)
Stage Manual Manual Stages with Right-Hand Control


X: 76 mm, Y: 30 mm

Condenser Manual Abbe Conenser NA 1.25/ W.D. - (4X–100X) (Built-in)
Observation Tubes Standard (FN20) Binocular
Tube Inclination Angle


Trinocular Tube Light Path Selection (Camera : Observation)

0%:100%, 100%:0%

Interpupillary Distance Adjustment

48–75 mm

Dimensions (W × D × H) Binocular: 198 (W) x 398 (D) x 386 (H) mm, Trinocular: 198 (W) x 398 (D) x 430 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 5.9 kg