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Olympus KV-6 Endoscopic Suction Pump

The KV-6 Suction Pump is designed for endoscopic aspiration. The unique flow change buttons allow a fast vacuum build-up with a single touch. It has a 'whisper mode’ for quiet operation and ‘turbo mode’ for faster suction. Single-use collection systems and disposable filters are available.




Olympus KV-6 Endoscopic Suction Pump

The KV-6 Suction Pump is the successor to the KV-5 pump. It is designed for endoscopic aspiration and for non-endoscopy applications. The unique flow change buttons allow a fast vacuum build-up with a single touch. It has a 'whisper mode’ for quiet operation and ‘turbo mode’ for faster suction. The pump connects to an extensive fluid collection system.


Key Benefits

  • High Suction Performance
    The KV-6 suction pump has vacuum capabilities of up to -95kPa. There are three pre-set speed settings (40l/min, 50l/min and 60l/min), which enables the operator the flexibility to control the rate of vacuum build-up at a touch of a button.
  • Cleaning and hygiene
    – Single use collection system allows easy and safe disposal of clinical waste.
    – Touch sensitive buttons are easy to clean.
    – Disposable bacterial and odour filters.
  • Compatibility
    Compatible with existing KV-5 accessories and Olympus workstations.


It is ideal for use either mounted on a procedure trolley or as a stand-alone unit. The variable suction control allows adjustment to meet individual requirements. A high performance pump and motor combination ensure that the unit is ‘whisper quiet’ for any working environment.
The KV-6 may be adapted to suit individual requirements by the use of optional components, to allow a single-use or reusable suction system. The single-use liners are conveniently supplied with solidifier for safe and simple use and disposal.


Product Details

Compact design for convenient use
The KV-6's compact and easy-to-use design means that is suitable for use in office space or the operating theatre.


Simple and easy to operate with clearly labelled controls
A clear control panel ensures that the KV-6 suction pump can be used safely and efficiently by all staff.


Trolley mountable for convenience
The KV-6 is ideal for use either mounted on a procedure trolley or as a stand-alone unit for maximal flexibility of use.


Use with 1.5 or 2.5 litre jars and liners
Flexibility to use the KV-6 with either 1.5 or 2.5 litre jars and enables its use in a variety of procedures.


Suction jar mountable on Olympus workstations
Ensuring that the suction jar can be mounted on Olympus workstations allows compatibility with the Olympus range of devices and equipment for the office or operating theatre.


Microbial and Odour filter for safe suction
Microbial and odour filters ensures that the fluids suctioned are non-contaminated for maximal safety.


(electromedical equipment)

Standards compliance

Complies with EN ISO 10079-1 and EN IEC 60601-1 and UL 60601-1

Electro-magnetic Compatibility

This product complies with the requirements of EN IEC 60601-1-2

for emissions and immunity, and as such, its operation is unlikely

to be affected by, or cause interference with, equipment meeting

appropriate EMC standards. As a precaution, equipment which

may be sensitive to interference outside the limits specified

by EN IEC 60601-1-2 should not be placed in close proximity to the KV-6.

Type of protection against

electrical shock

Classification according to EN IEC 60601-1 / UL 60601-1:

Class 1 with Type CF applied part.

Degree of protection

against electrical shock

In accordance with EN IEC 60601-1 and UL 60601-1,

the KV-6 is marked with the symbol to indicate the provision

of an adequate degree of protection against electrical shock

and that it has an applied part isolated from all other parts of the equipment.

Degree of protection

against explosion

None: the Olympus KV-6 must NOT be used in the zone

of risk of flammable anaesthetic gases.

Mode of operation


Regulatory status

European Economic Area


CE This mark on the product indicates compliance with

Directive 93/42/EEC relating to medical devices, Class IIa.

Dimensions and weight


Height: 210mm

Width: 305mm

Depth: 375mm


9.3 kg

Power switch


The power switch is marked .

A white LED in the center signalizes it is turned on

Power requirements

Power supply

100-240 V~


2 x T1.6 AH

Marking: The mark ~ on the product indicates the requirement for an AC power supply



Power rating

120 W

Environmental conditions

Ambient Temperature


+5ºC to +40ºC (+41ºF to +104ºF)


-20ºC to +50ºC (-4ºF to +122ºF)

Relative humidity


30-75 %



Atmospheric pressure


70.0 to 106 kPa

Fluid Ingress

In accordance with EN IEC 60601-1/UL 60601-1, the product is marked

IP21 to indicate that it is provided with an enclosure that prevents entry

of such an amount of falling liquid as might interfere with its safe and satisfactory

operation when correctly positioned.

Resistance to chemicals

The external surfaces of the Olympus KV-6 are resistant to:

2% aqueous neutral detergent, 70% ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, water.

Pump specification

Nominal vacuum: 95 kPa

Nominal free air flow rate: 50 l/min, adjustable to 40 or 60 l/min.

In accordance with ISO 10079-1, the unit is marked with the words

‘HIGH VACUUM, HIGH FLOW’ to indicate it has a vacuum of at least 60 kPa

in 10 seconds and a free air flow rate of 20l/min or greater.

Thermal cut-out

The temperature is observed by a sensor in the housing.

If the temperature in the housing exceeds 80 °C (176 °F),

the software stops the motor and turns on the yellow LED.

It is possible to restart the motor again as soon as the temperature in the housing drops below 70 °C (158 °F).

Single use suction liner

To prevent fluid from being drawn up to the pump the single use suction liner contains

a mechanism to shut off the flow when the liner is overfilled.

This mechanism is activated when contact is made with aspirated fluid.

Suction jar

The suction jars can be autoclaved up to 135 ºC or disinfected. The jar is impact resistant.

Suction jar lid

The suction jar lid clips and where applicable the float mechanism,

are autoclavable up to 135 ºC. The inlet connection (from the endoscope)

is marked with the word PATIENT, the outlet connection (to the pump) is marked with the word VACUUM.


Use only tubing specified in the KV-6 Instructions for Use, otherwise equipment malfunction may result.

Vacuum gauge

Range: 0 to 100 kPa

Accuracy: ±2.5%