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Olympus OFP-2 Endoscopic Flushing Pump

The OFP-2 is a powerful but controllable pump that can irrigate fluid via either the instrument or auxiliary water channels of endoscopes.




Olympus OFP-2 Endoscopic Flushing Pump

With its powerful but controllable peristaltic pump the OFP-2 will irrigate fluid down either the instrumentation or auxiliary water channel of Olympus Gastrointestinal EVIS ACTERA, EXERA, LUCERA, SMARTAGE and EUS endoscopes.



The OFP-2 facilitates two main functions:

  • The washing of gastric and colonic mucosa resulting in improved visualisation, diagnosis and therapy during endoscopic procedures
  • To aid the use of trans-endoscopic ultrasound probes by providing rapid filling of the organ to be examined


Main Unit:

  • Microprocessor control ensures accurate and precise,flow rate delivery
  • Ergonomically designed touch buttons for simple use
  • Bright LED display for easy verification of selected settings
  • Hygenic and easy to clean
  • Designed to prevent over pressurisation of Olympus endoscopes




  • Use of the MAJ-1606 irrigation adaptor allows either irrigation or a combination of irrigation and the passage of an EndoTherapy device through the endoscopes instrumentation channel



Safety Features:

  • Standby mode allows quick and safe exchange of water channel tubes without the need to operate the mains switch
  • Pump Head automatically cuts out if opened during operation preventing accidental user injury
  • A 20 second automatic cut-off timer allows controlled irrigation



Water Container:

  • Holds two litres of fluid with markings to indicate levels
  • A specially designed lid guides the water tubing to optimise fluid usage
  • The water container and lid are autoclavable for effective sterilisation

Water Container


Size and functionality:

  • Improved functionality allows use with either the instrumentation or auxiliary water channel, including EUS ultrasound endoscopes for the first time
  • Compact design for essential space saving on workstations
  • Injection moulded outer casing allows easy and effective cleaning
  • Operates via either remote controlled* scope operation or foot switch

auxiliary water channel auxiliary water channel

* requires the use of MAJ-920 remote control cable



  • The MAJ-1607 and MAJ-1608 channel water tubes and the MAJ-1606 adaptor are supplied sterile for immediate use
  • The MAJ-1608 auxiliary channel water tube is designed for one single days use
  • Instrument channel adaptor and MAJ-1607 water tube are single patient use items



Instrument channel adaptor


Instrument channel water tube


Auxiliary channel water tube

MAJ-1606 MAJ-1607 MAJ-1608
Pack 100: Part number - K10007072
Pack 10: Part number - K10016091
Pack 50: Part number - K10001146
Pack 10: Part number - K10016136
Pack 50: Part number - K10001147
Pack 10: Part number - K10016135




Water container two litre


Auxiliary water tube


Remote control cable

MAJ-1603 MAJ-855 MAJ-920

Pack of three

Part number - K10007071

Part number - MAJ-855 Part number - MAJ-920


200(W) x 173(H) x 385(D) mm


4 kg (with empty water container)

Maximum Flow Rate:

Instrument channel = 700 > 750 ml/min
Auxiliary water channel = 230 ml/min


Complies with EN/UL/IEC60601-1


CE marked and ETL Listed

Power Requirements:

Power Supply: 100-240 V ~

Fusing: 2 x T2.5 AH 250 V


50/60 Hz,

Power rating:

100 VA