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Olympus UCR CO2 Insufflator

The UCR Unit makes CO₂ insufflation simple and easy, improving patient comfort during and after colonoscopy and supporting endoscopic therapy.




Olympus UCR CO₂ Insufflator



Main Features

  • About 150 times faster than conventional air, carbon dioxide'srapid absorption properties keep abdominal distension andrelated pain to a minimum during the procedure and speed uprecovery afterwards.
  • Easy, reliable one-button start/stop operation, pressure display,and timer function to automate COz insufflation shutoff.
  • Compact design allows the UCR to fit easily on an endoscopicworkstation.
  • Three controlled flow rate settings are available, by using theappropriate corresponding tubing. Tubes are optional.
Power requirements Voltage (AC) 100 –120 V (USA), 100 – 240 V (Other areas)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Input 40 VA
Voltage fluctuation Within ±10%
Dimensions   125 (W) × 300 (D) × 150 (H) mm (housing dimensions)
Weight   4.9 g
Applicable gas   CO2 gas for medical use (Connectable to CO2 cylinder or medical gas pipeline)
Air feeding pressure Maximum pressure feed 45 kPa