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Olympus Automated Inverted microscope IXplore Pro

Designed for automated multi-dimensional observation and easy experiment set-up, the IXplore Pro microscope system enables effortless data collection and seamless acquisition of panoramic, multi-channel images.




Automated Imaging for Accurate and Efficient Experiments

Designed for automated multidimensional observation and easy experiment setup, the IXplore Pro microscope system facilitates effortless data collection and seamless acquisition of panoramic, multichannel images.



Ease of Use

The Graphical Experimental Manager (GEM) of cellSens Dimension software offers fully automated multidimensional observation (X, Y, Z, T, wavelength, and positions) and eases experiment setup. To increase efficiency, you can define macro functions, such as executing deconvolution processing, in the GEM. 

cellSens Dimension


Precise, Reliable Hardware

Automated Focusing

The cellSens software’s multipoint focus map enables automated focusing across wide image areas with multiple objective lenses, making it easier to stay in focus while you navigate your samples.

cellSens v.1.17


Bright, Uniform Fluorescence Illumination

The fluorescence illuminator (IX3-RFALFE) incorporates a fly-eye lens system to distribute light evenly. The system provides bright and uniform illumination to the entire field of view, which is well-suited for image stitching applications.



Well Plates Made Simple

The Well Plate Navigator and Database solutions for cellSens software facilitate proper screening during an experiment. Together, they improve the efficiency of viewing and analyzing well plate images with a large amount of data.

Information such as date, file name, or well plate number are easily selectable with icons, displaying any selection of captured images to be used for further analysis. These solutions also enable continuous analysis of selected images (the batch macro function) using the well plate GUI.

cellSens well plate


Rapid Deconvolution

Olympus cellSens Dimension software includes live 2D deblurring for preview and acquisition, enabling better focusing of thick specimens. For further detail enhancement, TruSight deconvolution is available to reassign out-of-focus light. TruSight uses a constrained iterative deconvolution algorithm to produce improved resolution, contrast, and dynamic range with industry-leading high speed through GPU processing. To improve experiment efficiency, deconvolution processing can be defined as a macro function in the GEM.

正常 应用了反卷积

Left: Without TruSight / Right: With TruSight Left: Without TruSight / Right: With TruSight


Simplify Your Workflow

Suitable Objectives for Observation with Plastic Vessels

LUCPLFLN series objectives and, in particular, the UCPLFLN20XPH (NA 0.7) objective are well-suited for observation using plastic dishes. The objectives enable high-resolution observation of the cell proliferation process and deliver improved contrast across a wide area. This gives you the flexibility to image through plastic-bottom dishes in addition to glass.

*Image: iPS-cell expressing Nanog reporter (GFP) Image data courtesy of: Tomonobu Watanabe, Ph.D. Laboratory for Comprehensive Bioimaging, RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center

Phase contrast observation Fluorescence observation



Advanced Analysis

Images can be easily converted to statistically relevant data with cellSens software. The software features region-of-interest, phase analysis, and cell counting capabilities. Export raw measurement data to Microsoft® Excel® software or a cellSens workbook with a single click.


Microscope Frame    


Observation Method Super Resolution   -
  Confocal   -
  Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence   -
  Fluorescence (Blue/Green Excitation)  
  Fluorescence (Ultraviolet Excitation)  
  Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)  
  Phase Contrast  
Revolving Nosepiece Motorized (6 position)  
Focus Motorized  
  Z Drift Compensator  
Observation Tubes Widefield (FN 22) Tilting Binocular
Illuminator Transmitted Köhler Illuminator LED Lamp
    100 W Halogen Lamp
  Fluorescence Illuminator 100 W Mercury Lamp
    Light Guide Illumination
Fluorescence Mirror Turret Motorized (8 position)  
Stage Motorized  

Contact your local sales representative to hear about motorized stage options

  Mechanical IX3-SVR Mechanical Stage with Right Handle
  • X: 114 mm, Y: 75 mm
    IX3-SVL Mechanical Stage with Left Short Handle
  • X: 114 mm, Y: 75 mm
Condenser Motorized Universal Condenser W.D. 27 mm, NA 0.55, motorized aperture and polarizer
  Manual Universal Condenser NA 0.55/ W.D. 27 mm
    Ultra-Long Working Distance Condenser NA 0.3/ W.D. 73.3 mm
Confocal Scanner    


Super Resolution Processing    




Dimensions (W × D × H)     323 (W) x 475 (D) x 706 (H) mm (IX83 microscope frame)
Weight     Approx. 47kg (IX83P2ZF)