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Olympus CLV-S200-IR XENON Light Source

The VISERA ELITE II XENON Light Source provides the needed light intensity for illumination in IR modes. It is optimally designed for the VEII IR system while proving excellent white-light images as well.




Olympus VISERA ELITE II CLV-S200-IR XENON light source

Infrared Light Source


Two Modes for IR Observation

  • Choose between observation under partial white light and IR light at the same time and observation under only IR light using just one switch

Dedicated IR Light Source

  • Can be easily used in addition to white-light observation
Power Input


Rated voltage

100–240 V AC; within ±10%

Rated frequency

50/60 Hz; within ±1 Hz

Rated input

500 VA


Dimensions (maximum)

391 (W) × 162 (H) × 521 (D) mm


15.5 kg


Examination lamp

Xenon short-arc lamp (ozone-free) 300 W

Average lamp life

Approximately 500 hours of continuous use (with intermittent use, the lamp life may vary slightly)

Brightness adjustment

Light-path diaphragm control


Forced-air cooling

Intensity mode

Normal or high intensity

Optical-digital observation

NBI observation and IR observation

Emergency lamp

Halogen lamp (within mirror) 12 V 35 W

Average emergency lamp life

Approximately 500 hours

Automatic Brightness Adjustment

Automatic brightness adjustment method

Servo-diaphragm method

Automatic exposure

17 steps

Indicators on Front Panel

Emergency lamp

Indicates absence of emergency lamp, disconnection, and use of emergency lamp


When the NBI observation mode is enabled, the “NBI” indicator lights up


When the IR observation mode is enabled, the observation mode indicator lights up

Setting Memory


Settings (except the observation mode) are stored even when the light source is OFF


Type of protection against electric shock

Class I

Degree of protection against electric shock of applied part

Depends on applied part. See also applied part (camera head or videoscope)

Degree of protection against explosion

The light source should be kept away from flammable gases.