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Olympus USG-400 Ultrasonic Generator

The USG-400 provides you with unrivalled ultrasonic technology access for open and laparoscopic applications and offers the well-proven benefits of ultrasonic energy. The generator can optionally work with the new Intelligent Tissue Monitoring.




Olympus USG-400 Ultrasonic Generator

Ultrasonic generator for open and laparoscopic procedures



Main features

USG-400 supports

  • THUNDERBEAT, Exclusively delivering both ultrasonic and bipolar energy for reliable vessel sealing
    and the fastest in class tissue cutting, when combined with ESG-400, electrosurgical generator.
  • SONICBEAT, Delivering ultrasonic energy for the simultaneous cut and coagulation of tissue.


USG-400 Features and Benefits

  • Graphical User Interface for intuitive operation, ease of use, and rapid troubleshooting.
  • Instrument recognition and automatic application of default settings for ease of use.
  • Hand switch and foot switch activation options to meet each surgeon’s individual preferences.
  • Automatic mist and smoke evacuation to maintain a clear laparoscopic view reducing delays
    associated with compromised visualization, when combined with UHI series insufflator.
  • A dedicated cart for transportation and storage.


Intelligent Tissue Monitoring

  • Intelligent Tissue Monitoring is the world’s first safety assist technology that stops ultrasonic activation to prevent excessive temperature increase.
  • Minimizes residual heat on the probe that can be caused by ultrasonic over-activation.
  • Minimizes PTFE pad wear that can be caused by ultrasonic over-activation.
  • The function can be easily turned On/Off.

Power Supply


120/220 – 240 V AC

Voltage fluctuation

Within ±10%


50/60 Hz

Frequency fluctuation

Within ±1 Hz


360 VA

Fuse rating

4 A, 250 V

Fuse size

ø 5 × 20 mm



375 (W) × 156 (H) × 480 (D) mm


9 kg

Classification (medical electrical equipment)

Type of protection against electric shock

Class I

Degree of protection against electric shock

CF type

Degree of protection against explosion

The ultrasonic generator should be kept away from flammable gases.


Applicable instrument




ON/OFF operation




Output setting

Output setting and Intelligent Tissue Monitoring setting*2 are possible bytouching the Set screen displayed on the touch panel.


47.0 kHz


*1 When combined with ESG-400, electrosurgical generator.
*2 The Intelligent Tissue Monitoring is available with software version 2.00 or later.