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Olympus ENF-V3/VH Flexible Video Rhinolaryngoscope

The ENF-VH, with High-Definition TV (HDTV), and the ENF-V3, which maintains high image quality while reducing the distal end outer diameter to a mere 2.6 m, are rhinolaryngoscopes optimized for transnasal endoscopy. They offer a new examination environment for video rhinolaryngoscopes.




Olympus ENF-VH/ENF-V3 Flexible Video Rhinolaryngoscope

HD clarity or a slim 2.6 mm distal end: two scopes cover most examination needs



Proprietary OLYMPUS technology improvesexam capabilities and simplifies operation

Exceptional luminosity

Although it has a small diameter, the scope still illuminates abroad area, providing a detailed image of any lesions withinthe field of view. This exceptional luminosity is especialyuseful when observing with NBl.


Wide field of view

The ENF-VH has a viewing angle of 110° And with HD resolution and exceptional illumination, every corner of the field can bethoroughly inspected.

Wide field of view


Pre-freeze Function

The scope continuously captures stil images even before youpush the Pre-freeze button. When you press the button, thesystem automatically selects the sharpest image amongseveral.



NBI(Narrow Band [maging)

NBl is an optcal imaging techndegy thatonhances the vistlty of vessels and otherstructures on or rear the mucess surlace.Thagastrointestnel tract is malrly composodl ofbocd vessels and muccsa; rarrowy bardirmagira. wrich is strenaly ascrted tyhercglobin and peretrates orly the surtace oftissues,is idgall for enhancing tre contrastbetween the two,As a resul, under rarrewv bardimaging. caparieson te mucoselsurface are disnayodin brcwun and weins intne submucosa aredisnlyed in cyan onthe mcnitor.

During endoscopic observation, NBI enhances visualizationof the capillary network and mucosal morphology.

White Light                                                  NBI


Astounding Image Quality

With advances in CCD technology, ENF-VH delivers HD images, which show even greaterdetail for examinations.



Surprisingly Slim Diameter

The distal end of the ENF-V3 scope is only 2.6 mm in diameter, Also, the differencebetween diameters of the distal end and the insertion tube is minimal, This makesinsertion into tight nasal passages much easier. And with the CCD chip's improvement.even this slim scope delivers exceptional image quality.

Surprisingly Slim Diameter


Pushing the envelope of highdefinition and seeking ever greaterdetail OLYMPUS offers two newsolutions

OLYMPUS leads the world in endoscopes. We always listen carefully to physiciansand specialists on the medical front lines. Over and over, they have made twocomments that particularly resonated with us, “We want to make every diagnosismore accurate." and "We want smoother treatments for our patients." We drew uponour decades of endoscope expertise and combined it with OLYMPUS' proprietaryoptics technology. Now we can offer two new solutions: ENF-VH, with HD highdefinition, and ENF-V3, which maintains high image quality while reducing the distaend outer diameter to a mere 2.6 mm. With these two new products, OLYMPUS offersa new examination environment for rhino-laryngo videoscopes.



ENF-VH, for more detailed imagesachieved by HD

  • HD
  • Wide angle
  • Exceptional illumination field
  • Pre-freeze Function

ENF-V3, crisp, high-resolution images with adistal end diameter of only 2.6 mm

  • Distal end outer diameter 2.6 mm 
  • High image quality
  • Exceptional illumination field 
  • Pre-freeze Function



Optical System Field of view


Depth of field 5.0-50 mm 3.5-50 mm
Insertion Tube

Distal end

outer diameter

3.9 mm 2.6 mm

Insertion tube

outer diameter

3.6 mm 2.9 mm
Working length 300 mm
Bending Section Angulation range Up 130°/Down 130°
Total Length 510 mm
NBI Available
Number of Remote Switch 4
Stroboscopic Light Source Available
Compatible System