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Leica Proveo 8 Ophthalmic Microscope

The Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope provides the exact image you need at each moment of your procedure. Like a precision timepiece every element of the Proveo 8 microscope interconnects and works in perfect synchrony to optimize your view.





Proveo 8 Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope


Now with built-in EnFocusintraoperative OCT


“With the Proveo 8 I am less distracted during surgery. The FusionOptics technology provides me a greater depth of field, and I don’t have to refocus the microscope so frequently”
Dr. Dornelles, M.D. Cataract Surgery Preceptor at Porto Alegre’s Eye Bank Hospital, Clinica Visao, Porto Alegre,Brazil



Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope

Proveo 8



  • > Personalized settings to support precise surgical actions and uninterrupted workflow, fast
  • > Individual procedures for each user and surgery type with CombinationMode
  • > Intuitive microscope operation, large reach and ergonomic accessories




  • > Stable red reflex with CoAx 4 coaxial LED illumination
  • > Low light, high contrast with adjustable field of illumination via footswitch
  • > Superb texture and high depth of field with FusionOptics
  • > Same view for surgeon, assistant, and camera




  • > Accessories for individual needs in anterior and posterior segment surgery
  • > Microsope benefits for anterior and posterior segment surgeries




  • > Enhance Proveo 8 at any time with EnFocus intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • > Configure according to your imaging and documentation needs
  • > Proveo 8 configurations: floor stand and ceiling mount




Work interruption-free with the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope.

With a Proveo 8 microscope you will experience the real meaning of workflow when each step of surgery connects smoothly with the next. Like a precision timepiece, every element of the Proveo 8 microscope interconnects and works in perfect synchrony, so you have the view you need, the moment you need it.


Supporting you step by step through your procedure
Typical ophthalmic surgeries are divided into phases, each requiring specific levels of light, focus,and magnification. With CombinationMode you can pre-define and program the settings you need for each phase of both anterior and posterior procedures.



During surgery, simply tap the assigned footswitch button to activate the settings for the next phase and continue working without interruption.

  • > Program up to 5 phases, i.e. for cataract surgery: capsulorhexis, phacoemulsification,irrigation/aspiration, and posterior capsule polishing
  • > Choose between 7 different parameters
  • > Save individual settings for up to 30 surgeons
  • > All OCT functions can be programmed to the footswitch for convenient intraoperative use



Select Quick Focus to immediately switch between two different focal planes and Quick Tilt for workflow efficiency in glaucoma procedures



Simple to start, fast to finish
Save precious time between surgeries for yourself and your OR team, with easy preparation and fast transition. The intuitive touch-screen control unit makes the microscope and OCT set-up easy. At the end of the surgery simply move the swing arm up and all microscope functions automatically reset and the recorder even stops. The microscope is immediately ready for the next case.


Smooth, comfortable working
Pre-program the wireless footswitch with key microscope and intraoperative OCT functions,and maintain your surgical workflow in a comfortable posture. Switch functions with just a tap of the foot. Functions available include vitreoretinal (VR) mode, OCT control,tilting position, quick focus, and diameter of red reflex illumination. Position the footswitch exactly where you need it thanks to the lightweight, cable-free design.



Ergonomic means efficient
During surgery, your physical well-being can influence your concentration and efficiency.
Choose from a large selection of binoculars and three different objective lens types to meet your individual physical requirements and those of your assistant. The large overhead reach of the Proveo 8 provides positioning freedom in the OR and supports ergonomy.



Seeing every fine detail at every moment is the basis for achieving the best patient outcome.

The Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope goes beyond conventional visualization. Its exclusive optical technology provides you with both constant red reflex and a rich texture view, throughout entire anterior and posterior procedures.

FusionOptics technology
1. Two separate optical beam paths
2. One beam path provides depth of field
3. The other provides high resolution
4. The brain merges the two images into a single, optimal spatial image


A texture-rich view
In posterior segment surgery, you need to carry out extremely precise work, often in low light conditions. Until now, this meant time-consuming refocusing, and limitations in image clarity and detail. Innovative FusionOptics is an exclusive technology from Leica Microsystems that delivers crisp, texture-rich images from the periphery to the retina.

FusionOptics captures different information from each of the two beam paths, delivering high resolution to the left eye and depth of field to the right eye. The brain easily merges the visual information into a high-contrast,detailed image with an expanded area in focus. Not only does this enhance your view,it enhances your workflow as refocusing is reduced.



Rely on consistent red reflex:
CoAx 4 illumination
Concentrate on your cataract surgery and rely on consistent, brilliant red reflex and optimal image contrast throughout the entire procedure with exclusive CoAx 4 coaxial LED illumination. CoAx 4 illumination uses four individual beam paths from two LED lamps. The beam paths all enter the eye at perpendicular angles to the retina which results in a stable red reflex for all observers throughout all steps of cataract surgery. The illumination diameter is adjustable from 4 to 23 mm allowing for optimal alignment of the illumination to each individual patient's eye. This means lower light can be used while still achieving maximum contrast. Even if the eye moves intra-operatively, it remains in the field of illumination.


Consistent red reflex during the entire cataract procedure


See more with less light

Featuring a high degree of light transmission,the Optichrome technology of Proveo 8 allows for low light while still delivering high contrast, high resolution and natural colors.Two LED lamps provide direct illumination with a consistent color temperature, light intensity and homogeneity over the complete life cycle of the microscope.



Share the benefits with your team

Proveo 8 makes the red reflex fully visible for all observers. CoAx 4 Illumination includes a linked zoom system, which provides the same uncompromised view to main surgeon,assistant, and video camera.
A shared view of the surgical field with excellent contrast, consistent red reflex,same magnification and 100% stereo vision,enhances teaching and collaboration in the OR.



Options for anterior surgeries

  • EnFocus Ultra-HD intraoperative OCT supports your surgical decisions with real-time, en face imaging during cornea surgery such as DMEK or DALK
  • Choose to operate "heads up" looking at a 3D monitor for enhanced workflow, comfort and teaching


Built-in keratoscope
Activate via footswitch to qualitatively evaluate the corneal curvature of the eye for astigmatism(not available with EnFocus OCT).



Options for posterior surgeries

  • The contact-free BIOM 5 wide-angle viewing accessory from Oculus offers precise and efficient synchronized focusing
  • The RUV800 is also available for wide-angle viewing and external slit illumination aids precise steroscopic visualization during vitreous surgery
  • EnFocus Ultra-HD intrasurgical OCT delivers high-resolution, en face imaging which can aid decisions during surgeries such as retinoblastoma or membrane peeling
  • Choose to operate "heads up" looking at a 3D monitor for enhanced workflow, comfort and teaching


RUV800 retinal wide-angle viewing system
The integrated inverter provides an upright view of the retina to surgeon, assistant and camera(not available with EnFocus OCT).



BIOM 5 with synchronized focus
For contact-free, wide-angle observation of the fundus during vitreous surgery.



External slit illumination
Adjustable slit beam path in width and length. Scan over the cornea from any position via the foot switch(not available with EnFocus OCT).



Responsive to your OR needs

Comfort during surgery can influence your concentration and efficiency. The Proveo 8 has been designed to adapt to your individual physical requirements as well as responding to the space restrictions of your OR.

  • Choose from a large selection of binoculars and objective lenses to suit the needs of you and your assistant
  • Easily achieve an unrestricted, natural working position due to a very long reach of up to 1086 mm
  • Crowded or small OR? No problem, the floor stand has a small footprint of only 680 mm x 680 mm and is easily repositioned as needed, while the ceiling mount frees up floor space, and the ceiling telescope mount offers the most compact option





Floor stand

Four 360° rotating castors (O150 mm), parking brake


> Conforming with RoHS> Coated with antimicrobial paint


> Floor stand max. 8.0 kg from microscope dovetailring interface> CT42 max. 8.0 kg from dovetail ring interface


 > Floor stand approx. 380 kg without load,without built-in EnFocus OCT> Floor stand approx. 390 kg with built-inEnFocus OCT> CT42 telescope mount total approx. 200 kg

Technical data


Power connection

 > 600 VA 50/60 Hz> 100–240 V~ 50/60 Hz> 2 . T10 AH 250 V

Protection class

Class 1

Optics and Illumination



For increased depth of field and high resolution for main surgeon and assistant

OptiChrome optics

For high contrast, high resolution, natural colors without chromatic aberrations


6:1 zoom, motorized

Total magnification

4.1. to 24.5. with 10. eyepiece5.1. to 30.7. with 12.5. eyepiece

Focus range

75 mm

Objective /working distance

WD 175 mm/f = 200 mmWD 200 mm/f = 225 mmWD 225 mm/f = 250 mmWD: Working distance, f: Focal length

Field of view

51.4–8.6 mm O with 10. eyepiece


Wide-field eyepieces for persons wearing glasses 8.3., 10. and 12.5. dioptric adjustment,± 5 diopter settings, adjustable eyecup

Direct illumination with 2 LED lamps

Main light> Integrated LED illumination system for intensive uniform illumination of the field of view> Continuously adjustable brightness with halogen-like color temperature


CoAx 4 coaxial illumination> Illumination unit for generating a clear and stable Red Reflex, decreasing stray light through the sclera and increasing the image contrast> Integrated keratascope and slit illumination conversion filters allow surgeon to select preferred color temperature of main illumination

Adjustable CoAx 4

Diameter of coaxial illumination is adjustable between 4 and 23 mm via footswitch

Fine focus

Available for assistant and integrated camera or external 1/3 camera with C-mount interface




Prepared for integration of video camera systems, digital recording and imaging systems such as EnFocus OCT and monitors


> Four built-in video connectors for transfer of video and control data (DIV Out, DIV In,C-video Out, HD-SDI Out)> Internal power supply 12 VDC, 19 VDC, 24 VDC and AC terminals

2D Video

Optional fully integrated 2D HD video andRecording




 > 380° rotation> 15° /+ 105° motorized inclination tilt

XY speed

Zoom linked XY speed

XY range

62 . 62 mm


Adjustable gas spring via balancing knob


Floor stand with 4 electromagnetic brakes

Monitor arm

860 mm flexible arm with 4 axis for rotation andinclination, max. weight 15 kg and up to 32”



Control unit

> User-friendly, individually programmabletouch-screen (up to 30 surgeons) for control ofmotor functions and light intensity> Menu selection based on unique software for user-specific configuration> Built-in electronic auto-diagnosis and user support > Software independent hard keys and indicator for illumination > Data shown by means of LCD

Control elements

> Rotary handles > 14-function and 12-function wireless footswitch with optional back-up cable

IR sensor

Remote control of the HDR recorder


> LED for video record status> Surgeon information panel for setting status

EnFocus OCT Optical Performance


Axial resolution in tissue

2.4 - 4.0 μm

Lateral resolution

15-31 μm for 175 mm objective and 16-34μm for 200 mm objective

Imaging depth in tissue

2.5 mm

Lateral field of view(scan range)

up to 20 mm x 20 mm across entire range of microscope magnification

Image display resolution

1920 x 1080 pixels

Image acquisition speed

> 36000 scans/s, 30Hz B-scan display refresh rate

OCT optical power

< 750 μW

Imaging center wavelength

860 nm

175 mm objective lens working distance

178 mm

200 mm objective lens working distance

203 mm

Fundus viewing system

Compatible with BIOM 5, BIOM Ready and flat contact lens

EnFocus OCT Physical Features


Workstation OperatingSystem

64-bit, Windows 10

Removable scan head


OCT scanner dimensions

Scan head: 6 cm (h) x 10 cm (od) Relay arm: 28 cm (h) x 4 cm (od) Scan assembly: 21 cm (h) x 17.5 cm (w) x 39cm (l)

Scan head weight

2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)