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Leica M220 F12 Efficient surgical microscope for ophthalmology

The Leica M220 F12 - an ophthalmic microscope is fully dedicated to the needs of ophthalmic surgery.



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Leica M220 F12

Microscope for Routine Ophthalmic Surgery

Originated from the Swiss company WILD Heerbrugg,Leica Microsystems has powerful genes: our passion for high precision optics and innovation as well as our relentless dedication to quality finds their way into each and every one of our products.
Leica Microsystems’ longtime cooperation with ophthalmic surgeons in over 100 countries worldwide has led to a continuously broadened portfolio of innovative surgical microscopes.
A milestone in ophthalmic surgery was set in 1982 with the WILD/Leica M690, which left innumerable users speechless in excitement.
The Leica M220 F12 is a high-quality microscope for routine ophthalmic surgery designed for the costconscious user.

M220 F12


Leica M220 F12

The Leica M220 F12 microscope is fully dedicated to the needs of ophthalmic surgery.
Featuring prestigious Leica optics, innovative LED-illumination and intuitive, user-friendly operation, the Leica M220 F12 is designed for a smooth and fatigue-free surgery experience.

M220 F12



High productivity
Hands-free adjustment of the motorized 5-step APO-chromatic magnification changer and focus helps to speed up surgery.

Fatigue-free surgery
Prestigious Leica optics create a crisp and contrast-rich image with excellent depth of focus.

Innovative LED-illumination
Instant, stable Red Reflex from direct LED-lightsource.

Low cost of ownership
Design without fibre optics cable and 60 000 hours life expectancy of the LED light source ensure many years of reliable operation at minimal cost.

Maximum positioning flexibility
The compact-in-size, long-in-reach stand system allows a high degree of positioning freedom.

Leica Quality
Excellence in optics, precision and reliability.

Modularity and upgradeability
A wide range of observation accessories meets all users’ ergonomic requirements, offering the best possible view. The modular system allows a subsequent and straightforward upgrade.

可调角度双目镜筒 内置式摄像头助手显微镜镜筒和摄像头

Variable binocular tube                   Integrated camera                     Assistant microscope tube and camera

Technical Data Leica M220 F12

Magnification changer APO-chromatic 5-step-changer, motorized - 6.4×, 10×, 16×, 25×, 40×
Focusing Motorized, 40mm, adjustable speed
Objective Leica f = 200mm OPTIONS: 175mm, 225mm, or Leica WD = 175mm, 200mm APO
Eyepieces 10× / 21 B wide-field eyepieces for eye-glasses wearers
Diopter adjustment +/– 5 with adjustable eyecup
LED-illumination Homogenous, coaxial, integrated Red Reflex illumination,
Sterile adjustment of light intensity by surgeon
Long-lasting LED-illumination free of UV and IR
2 free openings for selectable filters dia 32mm
Inclining mechanism +/– 15° manual fine adjustment
Adjustable speed for drives
Foot switch 8-Function foot switch, waterproof
XY-unit Optional/upgradeable XY-unit
Positioning range 40 × 40mm with reset, adjustable speed
Type Compact floor stand
Base Compact foot with 4 movable rollers, 4 foot brakes
Base dimension

608 x 608 mm

Maximum load 3.5kg accessories on the microscope
Maximum reach

1068 mm

Minimum transport height

1680 mm

Weight approx. 100kg (minimum equipment)
Assistant’s attachment Stereo co-viewer, Monocular co-viewer
Beam splitter 50/50% or 70/30%
TV/photo Leica 2D video system, Leica Zoom Video Adapter f = 35–100mm
Photo/TV dual attachment f = 60/85/107mm for TV, f = 250/350mm for 35-mm camera
TV attachment f = 107mm, Photo attachment f = 250/350mm
Asepsis Sterilisable components for all controls
Electrical data  

100–240 VAC(+/–10%),50/60 Hz/100 VA

Protection class Class 1
  • Medical devices directive 93/42/EEC
    Classification: Class I, in compliance with appendix IX, rule 1, with reference to rule 12 of the directive.
  • Medical electrical equipment, Part 1: General requirements for safety IEC 60601-1; EN 60601-1; UL60601-1;CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 601.1-M90
  • Electromagnetic compatibility IEC 60601-1-2; EN 60601-1-2

Leica Microsystems (Schweiz) AG, has the management system certificate for the international standards
ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 relating to quality management, quality assurance and environmental management.