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Leica DM2700M Upright Materials Microscope

This materials microscope combines high-quality Leica optics with state-of-the-art universal white light LED illumination. It is an ideal inspection tool for all kinds of routine inspection tasks in metallography, earth science, forensic investigation, and materials quality control and research.




Leica DM2700 M Upright Materials Microscope

With Universal LED Illumination

This materials microscope combines high-quality Leica optics with state-of-the-art universal white light LED illumination. It is an ideal inspection tool for all kinds of routine inspection tasks in metallography, earth science, forensic investigation, and materials quality control and research. The Leica DM2700 M shows you how simple and reliable microscopy can be while helping to improve workflow.


Leica DM2700M


Universal LED Illumination

Daylight at the touch

Ultra-bright, high-power LED illumination provides a constant color temperature of 4500º K for brightfield, darkfield, interference contrast, polarized light, and oblique illumination methods. It offers real color imaging at all intensity levels. With a long lifetime and low power consumption, LEDs have enormous savings potential.

Universal LED Illumination


All Microscopic Contrast Methods

Flexibility saves money

The Leica DM2700 M flexible upright microscope system uses LED illumination for all contrast methods: brightfield (BF), darkfield (DF), differential interference contrast (DIC), qualitative polarization (POL), and fluorescence (FLUO) applications. It also offers built-in oblique illumination, which improves the visualization of surface topography and defects. Optionally, the Leica DM2700 M can also be equipped with a transmitted light axis.

There are three microscope objective turrets to choose from - plus a 0.7x Macro objective that enables you to see almost 40 mm of a sample at a glance. This is ideal for fast orientation and overview documentation.

Samples with a size of up to 100 x100 mm - such as foils, wafers, and PCBs - and a thickness of up to 80 mm - e.g., machine components - can be examined using the ideal stage from Leica’s comprehensive line of microscope stages.

Flexibility saves money

Brightfield - Darkfield
DIC oblique - Oblique


The Reliable Materials Microscope for a
Variety of Applications

Whether you inspect electronic components ...

Inspection, process control, and defect analysis of silicon wafers or MEMS has to be fast and accurate. The Leica DM2700 M offers high optical resolution to detect even the smallest defects on the sample. The constant color temperature of LED illumination allows you to always see the sample in the same color.

Whether you inspect electronic components

... examine samples in a laboratory

Working in a laboratory means long hours at the microscope. The highly ergonomic design of the Leica DM2700 M materials microscope helps prevent muscular tension and fatigue and makes routine work as comfortable and effortless as possible. The microscope’s intuitive operation means it easily adapts to various user levels. Even for inexperienced staff the Leica DM2700 M is easy to use. The Color Coded Diaphragm Assistant guides the user through operation and reduces the risk of error.

... or screen surfaces in steel inspection

The working environment of industrial quality control and defect inspection is often challenging. The robust stand and sturdy, durable design of the Leica DM2700 M makes it suitable even for a wide range of work situations.

 steel inspection


Brilliant Images with High-quality Microscope Objectives

You can't afford low quality

A microscope is as good as its optics. And this holds true for the digital world of today. High-quality microscope objectives from Leica Microsystems combine brilliance and sharp contrast with high resolution and an optimized image field.

The Leica DM2700 M is equipped, e.g. with an N PLAN achromatic objective series with magnifications from 5x to 100x, a field of view of 22 mm, a flattened image field, and large working distances.

The 0.7x Macro objective enables you to see almost 40 mm of a sample at a glance, which helps to get a fast orientation and overview of the sample.

Microscope Objectives



Fast switching from right-handed operation...

The Leica DM2700 M materials microscope completely and comfortably adapts to each user to help prevent muscle tension, poor posture, and long-term health hazards.

... to left-handed operation

Left-handed users can simply switch the controls to the left side of the microscope in seconds. Special accessories for left-handed users are not

Effortless microscopy means comfort



Three-gear Focus

Ergonomy means quality

The three-gear focus allows you to switch between fine, medium, and coarse micrometer scale. This extremely precise and sensitive focusing with high magnification objectives helps you obtain reliable results with ease. The top focus stop and the adjustable stage height stop protect samples and the microscope objectives from damage while you concentrate on what you see.

Three-gear Focus


Adjustable Focus Knobs

Ergonomy = Efficiency

The ergonomic design of the Leica DM2700 M completely adapts to the user's physique to help maintain a relaxed posture over long periods of time. The height-adjustable focus knobs customize the Leica DM2700 M for any individual as they can be adapted to the user's hand size in seconds.

Adjustable Focus Knobs


Adjustable Eyetubes

Ergonomy = Efficiency

The adjustable eyetubes are easily tilted and allow you to work in a comfortable posture and with the correct working distance. The result: An upright, comfortable posture improves concentration and the quality of work even after long working hours.

Adjustable Eyetubes


The Color Coded Diaphragm Assistant (CCDA)

The basic setting of resolution, contrast, and depth of field is simple and fast using the Color Coded Diaphragm Assistant (CCDA). The CCDA makes operation easy and intuitive, requires minimal orientation time, avoids operating errors, and thus helps to provide reliable results - both in routine inspection and sophisticated analysis.

Reliability you can count on

As you can completely concentrate on your application and not on microscope settings, the CCDA can dramatically speed up your work process.

The Color Coded Diaphragm Assistant


Leica DM2700M

Stand Sturdy metal stand
Focusing 2-gear focusing (coarse/fine with 1 μm micrometer scale with top focus stop) or
3-gear focusing (coarse/medium/ fine with 1 and 4 μm micrometer scales with top focus stop)
Torque coarse focus, adjustable stage height stop
Stage stroke 25 mm
Incident light Robust incident light axis with 4-position reflector turret
›› with oblique illumination
›› with Color-coded Diaphragm Assistant (CDA)
›› with centreable Aperture iris diaphragm
›› with IL-Filter magazine for 2 filters – Ø 32 mm
The following light sources can be adapted to all incident light axes:
›› LED-Lamphousing with internal microscope control of the light intensity for IL and TL (standard)
››Mirrorhousing 106, for simultaneous adaptation of two light sources
›› Fluo-illumination SFL 100, 4000 and 7000
›› EL 6000, Hg 50, Hg 100, Xe 75
›› 12 V 100 W Halogen (Lamp housing series 106 or 107/2) with separate transformer 11xxxxxx
Objective turret/
5x BF/DF M32, 6x BF M25 and 7x BF M25 objective turret
›› HI PLAN EPI Objectives 5x, 10x, 20x
›› N PLAN EPI Objectives 2.5x–100x
›› PLAN FLUOTAR Objectives 1.25x–100x
›› PLAN APO Objectives 0,7x Macro 50x, 100x, 150x
Accessories Optional magnification changer (1x, 1.5x, 2x).
Fixed ergonomic stage (76 × 50 mm), left and right-hand operation or rotating stage (76 × 50 mm) with wear-resistant
ceramic surface belong to the standard product line for industrial tasks with stage brackets and condenser holder.
Optional measuring stage s for x,y and z measurements.
LED-Lamphousing with internal light intensity control.
Built-in filter magazine with 3-position, for filters Ø 32 mm.
Wide range of condensers for TL applications.
Power supply Stabilized universal power supply unit, 90–230 V