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Leica Fluorescence Inverted Microscope DM IL LED

With high-performance optics and ergonomic design, the Leica DM IL LED is ideal for cell culture, micromanipulation, documentation of immunostained specimens, and routine live cell examinations.



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Leica DM IL LED Inverted Laboratory Microscope

With high-performance optics and ergonomic design, the Leica DM IL LED is ideal for cell culture, micromanipulation, documentation of immunostained specimens, and routine live cell examinations.

The Leica DM IL LED features a comprehensive set of contrast methods to monitor your specimen the way you need. High-quality Phase contrast, excellent modulation contrast and brilliant fluorescence are just one fingertip away. Robust stability, plenty of space to work with tools, long working distances to accommodate large culture flasks and a stable illumination without heat make work at the microscope easy and convenient.

For special diagnostics requirements, the microscope is certified for in-vitro-diagnostics (IVD) including in-vitro-fertilization (IVF).


Inverted Laboratory Microscope with LED Illumination


Contrasting methods

In addition to Phase Contrast and Brightfield illumination, the DM IL features unique Integrated Modulation Contrast (IMC) from Leica without the need for special objectives.

Available for 10x, 20x, 32x, and 40x magnification.

HeLa Cells IMC (Modulation Contrast)

HeLa Cells IMC (Modulation Contrast)



Equipped with a 3 position fluorescence slider, the DMIL is capable of capturing brilliant fluorescence images. Confidently overlay multiple fluorescence images due to zero pixel shift technology.

Easily add another slider to image more fluorochromes.

HeLa 细胞,20 倍荧光成像

HeLa Cells 20x Fluorescence


Cell culture

With a long working distance the standard DM IL microscope allows you to conveniently monitor large cell culture flasks.

If your cell production reaches the next level, DM IL Cell Factory is the right choice. With a transmitted light arm of 480 mm, large multilayer vessels with up to 10 chambers can be checked—even using fluorescence.

Your current DM IL can be upgraded later to accommodate large scale cell production.

DM IL LED with multi-stack cell culture flasks

DM IL LED with multi-stack cell culture flasks


Live cell imaging

When observing living cells under a microscope, it’s essential to maintain optimal conditions for the organisms. Leica Microsystems offers a wide range of accessories for any application, so the environmental conditions can be controlled easily during one experiment.

Live cell imaging



A broad portfolio of digital cameras for brightfield and fluorescence documentation complements the DM IL LED imaging system.

Together with powerful LAS X software, any desired task in your workflow can be supported, from simple documentation up to live cell imaging of your cells.

LAS X software


Relaxed and comfortable

The ergonomic design of controls such as the focus dial, brightness controller, condenser height adjustment, objective nosepiece, and XY stage adjustment allows the user to comfortably work and manipulate their sample.

The microscope can even adapt to different users with height-adjustable stages and ergo tubes with variable height.

Product life of 50,000 hours

High-intensity, high-contrast 5W LED illumination with a product life of 50,000 hours provides a constant color temperature. This makes documentation of your results remarkably easy and reliable. The brightness of the LED automatically adjusts to the contrast method which reduces the time needed for manual interactions.

Fluorescence LED illumination

Fluorescence LED illumination


Optics Leica HC optics (infi nity corrected)
HC objectives: 2.5x–100x
Objective Nosepiece Four positions
Focus Coaxial coarse and fi ne adjustment, travel path 7 mm, nosepiece focusing
5 watt LED, power supply (in 100-240, out 5 V/2 A)
Filter holder for TL fi lter Ø 32 mm, collector, scattering fi lter
Condenser Interchangeable condenser heads: S40/0.45: available working distance 40 mm,
aperture 0.45 S80/0.30: available working distance 80 mm, aperture 0.30
Contrasting Precentered insert with four positions(Brightfi eld, 5x–63 x Phase Contrast)
Insert for IMC illumination(Brightfi eld, 10x, 20x, 32x, 60x IMC)
Contrast methods Brightfi eld, Phase Contrast, Integrated Modulation Contrast
Fluorescence Fluorescence slider with three positions for fi lter cubes
Manual light stop
Fluorescence LED Leica SFL100,
50 W Hg, 100 W Hg, Leica EL6000 fi ber optic coupling
Stages Fixed stage, fi xed heating stage, 3-plate stage, attachable mechanical stage for both
fi xed stages
Documentation Camera port for all Leica digital cameras and common camera models
Tubes – Binocular tube 45°, interpupillary distance 55–75 mm, fi eld of view 20 mm
– Trinocular phototube 45°, interpupillary distance 55–75 mm, fi eld of view 20 mm,
with camera port positioned 88 mm to the side, selectable 100% photo or 100% visual
Additional options in the Leica DM product line:
– Standard binocular tube 30°, Ergo binocular tube 15°
– Ergo Vario binocular tube 7.5–15°, Ergo Vario binocular tube 0–55°
– Ergo Vario binocular tube 5°–32° and eyepiece extension 0–30 mm
– Standard trinocular phototube 30°, Ergo Vario trinocular phototube 0°–35°