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Leica Microscope DM1000

The Leica DM1000 LED features long-life LED illumination that provides near daylight, bright illumination with constant color temperature and emits less heat.



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Leica DM1000-3000_Brochure_EN

The Leica DM1000 LED features long-life LED illumination that provides near daylight, bright illumination with constant color temperature and emits less heat.

The LED also eliminates the need for lamp changes, which saves time and money. Because of its low power consumption, the system is energy efficient. Users of the Leica DM1000 LED benefit from the system’s ability to uniquely adapt to every user.

It is ideal for all clinical laboratory applications, especially for cytology, haematology, and pathology. For special diagnostics requirements, the microscope is certified for in-vitro-diagnostics (IVD) like in-vitro-fertilization (IVF).



Unique physical requirements

Can be configured to fit an individual’s unique physical requirements using a variety of ergonomic equipment, like the patented height adjustable focus knobs, tubes with variable tilting angle, ergonomic modules, and a coaxial drive with adjustable length which is exchangeable for right and left-handed users.

DM1000 tube


Life of 100,000 hours

The LED bulb has a long product life of approximately 100,000 hours; assuming six hours of use per day, the bulb’s service life is 50 years - this saves laboratories both time and money. Low power consumption of the LED enables even battery operation.

Life of 100,000 hours


Height-adjustable focus knobs

Real symmetrical operation of stage and focus controls allows relaxed posture, and helps to prevent pains or even RSI after long working days.

Patented DE 103 40 721 B3; CN 100538430 C; JP 4677213 B2; US 7,233,435

DM1000 Focus_knob


Optics and contrast techniques

A variety of optics and contrast techniques, including fluorescence, are available for cytology, haematology, pathology, and many other applications.

Optics and contrast techniques


Objectives for your demand

All high class objectives of Leica Microsystems fit to the DM1000 LED to fulfill the highest demands. For easy marking in cytology, objectives with extreme working distance are available too.

Objectives for your demand


The right objective for your needs

The microscopes are equipped with high quality Leica objectives, ranging from the HI PLAN series with high flat field, high contrast and chromatic aberration correction to research grade objectives that meet high expectations. Also available: multiple series of brightness-synchronized, extra-long working distance objectives for cytological labeling, with no need to adjust brightness when magnification changes.



Compact design

The modular design allows the microscope to be configured to the user's requirements while maintaining a small base.

Compact design


Wide range of accessories

A wide choice of suitable accessories like color coded condensers speed up workflow, ensure reliable results, and make work more comfortable.

Wide range of accessories


Multiview microscopes Leica Multiviews
Leica Microsystems produces multiview systems with precision-coated glass optics that provide excellent image quality for each observer.

Accessories are attached to the microscope, allowing multiple users to observe the same specimen at the same time, thus achieving the realism of working together using a microscope.

Standard system configurations are available for 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 users simultaneously, and up to 20 users depending on customer needs

Multiview for two Multiview for ten

DM1000 Specifications



Stand Optical HCS(Harmonic Contrast System) Infinity Optical System
Power supply External 4 W/90–250 V
Koehler Variable Koehler illumination
Prefixed Koehler (option)
Eyetubes Ergotube 15° viewing angle FOV 22*

Standard tube 30° viewing angle FOV 22

Ergo tilting eyetube FOV 25 (long)

Ergo tilting eyetube FOV 22 (short)

Advanced ergo tilting eyetube FOV 22

Phototubes Trinocular ergo tilting phototube 50/50 FOV 22
Trinocular ergo tilting phototube 100/100 FOV 25
Trinocular ergo tilting phototube 50/50 FOV 25
BDT25 0/50/100 dual port option FOV 25
EDT22 50/50 FOV 22



Operation Focus Height adjustable focus knobs*
2-gear focusing: coarse, fine, focus stop
Objective turret 5-fold
Objective Brightness synchronized objective series 4x, 10x, 40x*

Light intensity


Automatic light intensity adaptation for varying
Stage Ceramic-coated (ultra hard ceramic)*
Left/right (exchangeable by user)*
Telescopic drive
Adjustable torque
Rotatable / stage for two slides (option)
TL axis illumination TL illumination: LED
Filtering Flip-out blue filter
Filter holder for 2 filters
Filter magazine for 3 filters
Condenser – Standard condenser CL/PH color coding* (2.5x–100x)
– Achr. Apl. Flip top condenser color coding* (1.25x–100x)
– Universal condenser UCL BF/Phase/DF
Contrast methods



Fluo-axis Illumination

50W Hg

75W Xe

100W Hg

12V/100W halogen lamp

Filter cube
Slider with 3 positions for filter cubes
5-position filter cube turret

* New unique features